Which examinations are performed?

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Only the tests that are relevant to you, based on risk assessment (carried out by selected specialist) and your needs and wishes, will be carried out.

The core of the check-ups usually consists of the following:

  •  We welcome you in the comfort of our Executive lounge.
  • Based on the type of check-up, your health needs and the preliminary discussion, expert physician is selected.
    • The physician will monitor every step of your check-up and will be ready to answer any questions.
    • The physician performs a physical examination and overviews your health history. This is the base for further examinations.
  • Anthropometric measurements are performed. They enable the calculation of nutrition index that helps in advising a diet that best suits your needs.
  • Extensive and time-efficient laboratory tests are performed. The emphasis is on assessing risk factors for heart attack and stroke, diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, liver and kidney disease, and, depending on the introductory risk assessment, other factors.
  • A complete cardiac health evaluation is performed. Cardiovascular diseases are a major risk factor in general and especially for the population that is highly exposed to stress.
  • As an extension of cardiac health evaluation, cardiovascular function tests are performed either by exercise on a special exercise treadmill or a stationary bike, or both. During the tests, ECG is followed, and oxygen consumption and other indicators of cardiorespiratory function are measured.
  • Visual health evaluation with ophthalmologist consultation.
  • Auditory health evaluation.
  • Pulmonary health evaluation with spirometry.


Additional examinations can be immediately performed or advised, when there are indications. Please follow the link to all possible examinations.