What is a preventive medical check-up?

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Health is of the utmost importance in achieving the best work results and the best quality of life. In only a few hours, our preventive medical check-ups will provide you with precious insight into your health status, and guidance towards improvement of your well-being.

The health experts of the Institute of Occupational Safety understand that your lifestyle requires a time effective and premium-level medical service.

Our preventive medical check-ups are detailed evaluations of your health status and physical performance, performed by top staffing, executed with advanced equipment, tailored to your individual health needs.

The examinations enable a thorough detection of potential health problems with some of the most sensitive methods used in contemporary medicine. Our commitment is to target, reduce and eliminate medical risk factors of our clients.

The top medical staffing of the Institute of Occupational Health, experience in occupational and sports medicine and advanced medical equipment are key to successful examinations and your health. The check-ups enable early detection of diseases such as:

  • Cancer,
  • Diabetes,
  • Heart disease,
  • Gastrological disease,

and accordingly, effective treatment can be provided to you. Most of the check-ups conclude there is no serious disease – and the patients are provided with priceless peace of mind.