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The Delo in varnost magazine (Work and Safety).

Issuing of publications – manuals, practical guidelines and other expert publications in the area of occupational safety and health, and fire safety:

  • New Regulations on Safety of Machinery,
  • Performance of Inspections and Testing of Work Equipment Handbook – With Checklists and Measuring Sheets,
  • Lighting Requirements in The Workplace and Standard No. 12464,
  • CD – Lighting Requirements in The Workplace and Standard No. 12464,
  • Practical Guidelines On The Inspection of The Working Environment – DUST,
  • Safe Handling of Forklifts Manual,
  • Maintenance Safety Manual, with a free CD,
  • Preparation For a Certification Exam in Occupational Safety and Health Manual,
  • Practical Guidelines On The Inspection Of The Working Environment – Thermal Conditions,
  • Elevator Logbook,
  • Practical Guidelines On Safe Transfer of Loads,
  • Practical Guidelines On Safe Handling of Chemical Agents,
  • ADR 2009,
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods By Road,
  • First Aid,
  • Occupational Medicine For Technical Safety Students,
  • Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation,
  • Explosion Protection in Paint Rooms,
  • Electrostatic Hazards.