Non-ionizing radiation

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  • Measurement of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields:
    • measurement of static and quasi-static magnetic fields,
    • measurement of electric and magnetic low frequency fields between 5 Hz and 100 kHz (power line grid, home electrical installations, household appliances, industrial sources, etc.);
    • measurement of electromagnetic high frequency fields between 100 kHz and 18 GHz (radio and television broadcast transmitters, mobile telephony systems, radars, etc.);
  • Thermographic inspections of machinery and installations.
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessments:
    • Calculations of environmental impact of electromagnetic fields with low and high frequency sources of non-ionizing radiation.
  • Measurements of electrical quantities – inspections and testing of electrical and lightning conductor installations:
    • initial and periodic measurements of protection against high voltage contact,
    • initial and periodic measurements of protection provided by lightning conductors,
    • measurements of floor conductivity.