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Inspection body (lifts, machinery) is accredited according to standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020, type A at Slovenian accreditation (Slovenska akreditacija - SA). Ministry of economics has granted it an authorization for performing the first and periodical inspections of lifts according to the national regulations and EC directive for lifts (2014/33/EU). Ministry has also notified it to the European Commission and Member States. Inspection body is Notified Body with identification number 1493.

Inspection body is accredited also for conformity assessment of machinery according to Machinery directive 2006/42/EC , annex IV, item 17: Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres.

Inspection Body activities

Conformity assessment and inspections:

  • inspections and testing prior to placing in the use of the lift
    • »Final inspection«
    • »Unit verification«
  •  inspections of lifts in use
    • periodic inspections
    • acceptance inspections
  • conformity assessment for machinery - lifting equipment
  • first and periodic inspections of working equipment – lifting equipment


  • seminars for lift service and rescue
  • preparation of articles and materials with reference to lifts and lifting equipment