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Education and training

  • training in occupational safety and health for different activities (managers and executives, office workers, safe handling of gas, handling of hazardous chemicals, occupational safety for electricians and janitors, occupational safety in elevator installation and service, occupational safety when working with asbestos, etc.),
  • training in fire safety for different activities,
  • training of workers that work in areas associated with explosion hazards,
  • expert training (transport of hazardous goods, safety consultant for the transport of hazardous goods, occupational safety when working with explosives for retailers and warehouse personnel, and persons responsible as well as forklift drivers, heavy construction equipment operators, etc.),
  • basic andragogical skills – effective public speaking and teaching styles,
  • training of employees in foodstuff hygiene and the HACCP system,
  • training in ionizing radiation protection,
  • training of elevator emergency responders,
  • training of occupational safety and health coordinators on temporary and mobile construction sites,
  • educational courses in the area of a comprehensive active healthcare: workers, participants in traffic and athletes,
  • educational courses on occupational safety when exposed to various risks,
  • promotion of health (ergonomics, stress, burnout, prevention of the locomotor system disease, alcoholism and working environment, etc.).

Workshops and seminars

  • machine and elevator safety,
  • mobbing and harassment in the workplace, 
  • personal protective equipment,
  • novelties in the area of legislation pertaining to chemical agents,
  • waste management,
  • noise and vibration in the working and living environment,
  • procedures pertaining to the enforcement of rights from disability insurance,
  • rights of the disabled,
  • inspection of the working environment – dust,
  • inspection of the working environment – thermal conditions,
  • illumination in the workplace,
  • safe transfer of loads,
  • maintenance safety,
  • explosion protection in paint rooms,
  • electrostatic hazards,
  • preparatory seminar for a certification exam in occupational safety and health,
  • preparatory seminar for a certification exam in fire safety,
  • assessment of fire hazards and fire risks,
  • occupational safety in construction sites.


  • chemicals consultant,
  • first aid training (with practical exercises) for a particular working environment.