Physiological laboratory

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Physiological tests per request:

  • anthropometry and establishment of a nutritional status (BMI),
  • determination of body mass fat (per body part),
  • audiometric test/ADG (hearing),
  • vestibulography/BFV test (balance),
  • EKG,
  • cycloergometry,
  • R 22, nyctometry (night vision), perimetry (visual field),
  • spirometry,
  • thermal dermogram,
  • plethysmography,
  • capillaroscopy (examination for the verification of vibration disease),
  • measurements in the area of ergonomic physiology:
    • OWAS (analysis of work postures of the body),
    • Corlett (fatigue analysis),
    • MMO (method of momentary observation), etc.