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ZVD’s occupational, traffic and sports medicine clinic performs all tasks of an approved medicinal practitioner, in accordance with legislation.

We identify and examine the causes for the development of occupational diseases and work related diseases (including verification).

We identify causes for the development of work-related disability and measures for its management and prevention.

We participate in the process of occupational rehabilitation and selection of another suitable occupation.

We advise employers on health maintenance of employees and the work process, etc.

We perform preventive medical examination and evaluation of the workers’ ability to work as well as of participants in traffic.

  • examinations of non-professional and professional drivers of all categories,
  • examinations of pilots and supporting staff of all categories,
  • examinations of athletes,
  • examinations pertaining to the possession and carrying of arms,
  • examinations of managers, including load tests and ultrasound examinations
  • vaccinations,
  • physiological examinations.