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We would like to present to you the first ever fire extinguishing simulator based on the Microsoft Kinect camera, developed at the ZVD Institute of Occupational Safety, in cooperation with Razum Research and Development Studio.

This system is unique and the first in the world to transfer our movements and the activation of the fire extinguisher into the virtual environment.

In USA the use of fire simulators is allowed and approved in accordance to the OSHA standard 1910.157G for the internal employee training for extinguishing starting fires.

The purpose of the simulator is to realistically display the development and extinguishing of fire so the trainees will be prepared in case of actual fire.

Video presentation of the simulator:

The simulator has various scenarios and environments built in:

The office working environment

The kitchen

The virtual simulated environment and scenarios can be custom made to align with your specific working space and conditions.

The simulation itself is shown on a projected screen, through a PC running the simulator software.
Microsoft Kinect camera enables our movements to be detected and processed by the simulation software and transferred to the virtual environment. The virtual fire is extinguished with modified fire extinguishers, either S or CO2. The software detects the type of the fire extinguisher and functions accordingly.
The software also enables automatic generation of training certificates.

The simulator has been evaluated by g. Milan Hajduković – B.Sc., Head of Fire Laboratory at ZAG and the president of the technical committee for fire safety (POO) at the Slovenian institute for standardization.

Our customers using the fire simulator:

We would like to kindly invite you to let us know of your interest. We will be happy to present the simulator in more detail to you personally:

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