Noise and construcion acoustics

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Working environment

  • Measurement of noise levels in the workplace with frequency spectrum analyses, measurement of impulse noise.
  • Determination of hearing protective equipment in accordance with the data on levels of noise pollution.
  • Measurement of vibrations in the workplace with analysis with regard to frequency, direction and amplitude of the vibration acceleration.
  • Noise rehabilitation studies and consultancy in workplaces as well as planning of the implementation of measures in new facilities and renovations with regard to noise in the workplace and preparation of noise insulation studies.

Natural and living environment

Noise and vibration source rehabilitation studies in the natural and living environment and consultancy in the area of rehabilitation and preparation of noise insulation studies.

  • Measurement of noise levels in the natural and living environment, performance of initial measurements and monitoring of noise levels.
  • Measurement of high energy impulse noise.
  • Continuous monitoring of noise levels with measuring terminals for industrial and traffic noise.
  • Mapping of noise levels in the industry, road traffic, rail and air traffic.
  • Preparation of noise insulation studies as well as research on the prevention of the spreading of noise and vibrations into the environment.
  • Preparation of environmental reports regarding noise and vibrations.
  • Preparation of reports on effects of noise on the environment.

Construction acoustics

  • Measurement of sound insulation for the prevention of transmission of airborne noise and impact sound.
  • Measurement of noise levels in buildings due to installations and external noise sources,
  • Measurement of façade noise insulation.
  • Noise rehabilitation studies of buildings for the improvement of sound insulation of Barrier structures and consultancy.
  • Revision of project documentation in the area of sound insulation of buildings.