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On 1 July 1960, the executive council of the National Assembly of the People’s Republic of Slovenia (PRS) established the Institute of Health and Technical Safety of the PRS which performed various tasks in the area of healthcare and technical safety, studied psychological, physiological and technical elements of traffic safety, particularly on roads, resolved questions regarding household safety with emphasis on safety when using household appliances and studied issues regarding physiology of work and industrial psychology in business organizations from the point of view of occupational safety.

That same year, Delo in varnost (Work and Safety) magazine was established and is still being published today by ZVD, together with Medicina športa (Sports Medicine).


Completion of construction of own business premises on Zalokarjeva ulica 10 in Ljubljana, Slovenia; the name of the street was later changed to Bohoričeva ulica 22a.


Opening of a ZVD business unit in Koper.


Opening of a ZVD business unit in Celje.

Inclusion of the Center for Ecology, Toxicology and Radiation Safety in the international IAEA Comparative Scheme, participation in the inter-laboratory comparative scheme in Yugoslavia and the Nuclear Power Plant Krško scheme.


Adoption of the first Rules of Procedure and Quality System of the Institute of Occupational Safety of the Republic of Slovenia.


Organization of the 1st International Conference on Global Safety (held in Bled, Slovenia on 26-27 May 1994), which was attended by numerous prominent local and foreign experts. The keynote speech was given by Ivan Bizjak, the Minister of Internal Affairs.


The Institute underwent an ownership transformation – from a body governed by public law to a legal person governed by private law, a joint stock company; however, its philosophy has not changed, neither has its mode of functioning and operations. During this process it also changed its name from Institute of Occupational Safety of the Republic of Slovenia to Institute of Occupational Safety, i.e. ZVD Zavod za varstvo pri delu d.d.


The Center of Occupational Medicine acquired the ISO 9002:1994 quality system certificate for the Execution of services of the provision of occupational safety and health.


Move into ZVD’s new office building located on Chengdujska cesta 25 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


50th anniversary of the Delo in varnost magazine.


50th anniversary of ZVD’s operations. 2011


ZVD established Centre for Sports Medicine, which became the golden partner of the Olympic Commitee of Slovenia.


The Centre for Sports Medicine became a member of FIMS


Status change to ZVD Ltd. The philosophy has not changed, neither has ZVD's mode of functioning and operations. Investments into all fields of work are steadily growing.