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Fairness, impartiality and ethical conduct are the foundations of ZVD’s operations, and its highest values are customer satisfaction and quality of service. Together with employees, by following ‘the right people in the right positions’ principle, we are creating a working environment in which everyone knows their responsibilities and has the competencies to carry them out, while at the same time being able to implement their own ideas and solutions as well as develop a personal and professional career path. ZVD promotes teamwork, mutual assistance and respect. Transparency of business operations cultivates trust, provides a safe and pleasant working environment as well as opportunities for personal and professional development.   

Our core values, which reflect our basic operating principles, are:

  • customer satisfaction,
  • excellence in everything we do,
  • provision of high-quality and professional services,
  • setting and achieving demanding goals and their consistent achievement,
  • innovation, efficiency, flexibility and taking initiative;
  • fairness, transparency, impartiality and ethical conduct in business operations,
  • mutual respect, cooperation and willingness to learn,
  • healthy, content and motivated workers,
  • social and environmental responsibility.